WRITING SERVICES - Summit Technology Group, LLC is proud to offer proven writers to assist with your business and technical writing, documentation reviews, authoring and publishing of content and material to make your business succeed.

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TALENT MANAGEMENT & HR SERVICES - We can help you with your Talent Management and Human Resources needs of current employees by clearly defining their position, setting goals, and offering targeted  training and development.  We can also assist you to identify new talent with the most optimal skills necessary for your business and provide salary survey gap analysis services.


LIFE COACHING - Summit Technology also has certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coaches (IWLC) available to assist your team with handling the mental, emotional and physical stresses of your business.  This service also includes relationship science and Chakra healing capability to allow your team to deliver your business services with enhanced inter-personal skill.

COMPLIANCE - We offer a full compliment of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services, HIPAA Education, emergency management assessments (NYC & NYS OEM Certified), Hi-Risk and EMS educational training services to the healthcare community including the Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC's) and independent provider practices to meet regulatory compliance.

VENDOR & CONTRACT MANAGEMENT -  We provide a full compliment of vendor and contract management allowing you and your staff to focus on the more important needs of your business.  Let us ensure your vendors are delivering on the expectations set out at contract signing.  We will work with your vendor via metrics to make sure they are hitting the targets expected and negotiate penalties when they do not.



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